What is New Zealand ETA?

The New Zealand ETA denotes Electronic Travel Authority, and it is a type of electronic visa waiver. To be launched officially in July 2019, it will become mandatory for residents of 60 Visa waiver nations, along with cruise travellers by the end of 2019. The airlines and cruise liner ship crews will also have to acquire Crew ETA before reaching New Zealand thereafter.
The residents of NZ ETA eligible countries should obtain The New Zealand ETA by filling up an online application form. It takes a few minutes, thereby negating the need to visit any consulate and embassy. Post-approval, the NZ ETA is sent to the applicant online. The applicants need to pay a tourist tax and processing fee, however. It is known as IVL or the International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy.
The NZ ETA application form will include several questions on the applicant and his/her travel plans. There will be sections pertaining to security and health, additionally.

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Is the NZ ETA a visa?

Strictly speaking, the upcoming NZ Eta is no substitute for a regular Visa. It has been developed as a means to enable citizens of Visa waiver nations to get visa-free entry to New Zealand. Unlike a visa, the NZ Eta does not give the applicants the legal right to stay in New Zealand for educational, professional, and general purpose. It is strictly meant for travelling to New Zealand hassle-free, as long as certain parameters are maintained. For taking a job in New Zealand or immigrating there, you have to apply for a suitable Visa. The ETA will not be considered for such needs.

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How long will the NZ ETA remain valid for?

Once approved, the New Zealand ETA will remain valid for a duration of 2 years. However, the crew ETA issued to crew of airlines and cruise liner ships has a validity of 5 years.
A regular eTA can be utilized for making several visits to New Zealand within the validity period.
This means you can travel to NZ with the ETA and stay for 90 days at a stretch, but overall validity is 2 years. So, you can apply for NZ ETA ahead of the journey to NZ even when tickets or journey dates are not finalised.

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What is the NZ Visa Waiver Programme?

The NZ ETA has been conceived as an electronic visa waiver that lets the citizens of selected countries travel to New Zealand for a specific period, as long as some conditions are fulfilled. It will come into effect from 1st Oct 2019. It is applicable for the citizens of Visa waiver covered nations.
The NZ Visa waiver program enables the citizens of specific countries to travel to New Zealand without requiring any kind of Visa. The NZ government has a special visa waiver agreement with the citizens of these countries. This program makes travel to New Zealand hassle free and reduces documentation and verification related issues to a large extent.
They, however, cannot opt for residency or jobs and get enrolled in academic courses while travelling using ETA. They cannot stay for more than 3 months at a stretch when travelling to New Zealand without a visa under the Visa waiver scheme. For UK citizens, the duration is 6 months.
The Countries covered by NZ Visa waiver policy includes the likes of Argentina, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Hungary, United Arab Emirates, Luxembourg, and others. Of course, those visitors need to fulfil certain conditions to avail the VWP. The VWP is applicable for residents of specific countries if they plan to stay in New Zealand for less than 90 days. For the UK residents, it is 6 months at a stretch. The New Zealand Visa waiver program covers countries like Belgium, Argentina, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Croatia, etc.
To be eligible for the NZ VWP scheme, residents of these countries have to show they are genuine, have adequate money for staying in New Zealand for the period and valid travel tickets for the tour. The reasons can be numerous, including business, medical, typical tour, etc.

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What if an NZ ETA application is denied?

The majority of NZ ETA applications should get clearance without delay. However, in some exceptional cases, a few applicants may find their ETA applications have been refused. This can be owing to reasons like health, past criminal record, job-related aspects, etc.
If you see your NZ ETA application is denied, it only means the ETA permit cannot be issued to you.
You can still travel to New Zealand by opting for a regular NZ Visa. That, however, will not be an online or quick procedure like the ETA.
You will have to contact the NZ embassy and appear for an interview and go through existing screening procedures required for obtaining a New Zealand Visa.
In the following situations, you will have to opt for a new NZ ETA application even if you have an existing and valid ETA:

  • If you get a new passport and your NZ ETA is linked to the older one.
  • If you have opted for a name change.
  • If the address in your passport is no longer valid or you have moved to a new place.
  • If you have become a citizen of another country.
  • If any of the answer to the online application questions has changed.

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Possible reasons for ETA denial

A few candidates applying for the NZ Eta will not get clearance. It can happen owing to a number of reasons. These are:

  • The candidate has a health condition or ailment that has acted as a deterrent for ETA approval.
  • The applicant has a criminal past that hinders his/her chances of getting ETA approval.
  • The candidate tried to stay in New Zealand illegally previously.

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Who is required to complete an NZ ETA application form?

As of now, citizens of specific countries can travel to New Zealand without a visa for a period of 90 days. The UK residents can enter New Zealand sans visa and stay until 6 months, and for Australians, it is residency status on arrival. However, this is going to change once the NZ ETA becomes operational on 1st October 2019.
The passengers travelling to New Zealand under the VWP will have to opt for ETA authorisation. The approval must be obtained before they can begin the journey either by ship or flight. For those travelling in a group or family, each member will need ETA approval. Even if they transit through a New Zealand airport to some other destination, they will have to apply for the NZ ETA, as per the norms.
This will be applicable to the European Union countries such as Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hungary, and the UK. Some other countries that will also be covered by the ETA norm include Bahrain, Canada, Iceland, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland, etc.
The airline crews and cruise liner crews, no matter what their nationality is, will have to obtain CREW ETA if they have to enter New Zealand. The Crew ETA, however, has longer validity (5 years) than regular ETA.
The Australian citizens are not included (for strong bilateral deals), while the Australian permanent residents will have to apply for NZ ETA. The latter, moreover, need not pay the tourism levy.
The following are also exempt from obtaining the NZ ETA:

  • The passengers and crew of non-cruise vessels.
  • The crew of any foreign ship carrying cargo
  • The Foreign citizens covered by the Antarctic Treaty
  • The guests of the New Zealand government
  • Members of any visiting force and crew.

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ETA does not necessarily guarantee entry into New Zealand

Having a valid NZ ETA does not ensure you will be allowed entry into New Zealand. In some cases, a valid ETA holder hailing from a VWP country may be denied entry into New Zealand. This may happen if the Immigration agent at the port of entry finds the person has faked his/her document or is carrying items that are prohibited from importing into the country. If they find such a person with specific health/medical conditions or faking criminal past, they may deny entry to him/her right away. In such cases, the person, despite having a valid ETA, will be sent back to his/her country.

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What should I do if my passport information has changed, has been rectified or contained a mistake?

The NZ ETA travel permit is linked with the passport you have. So, when you get a new passport or alter an existing one for some reason, your existing Eta will be deemed infective. You will have to apply for a new ETA in that situation. Or else, you will be denied entry into New Zealand when the customs team finds out the differences between the passport and the ETA.

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How to apply for an NZ ETA for travel to New Zealand

The NZ ETA Form needs to be filled up and submitted online. The approved eTA is going to be sent to the email address indicated while applying.
The applicant (from VWP countries) needs to have valid passport when they apply for it. A credit card or debit card is also required for making the payment. It is also necessary to have a valid email address as the response will be sent via email.
In case, you do not have a valid email; please create one before applying for the NZ ETA online or use the one of a person near to you.
The application form does not take much time to fill up, as it is. While you can expect an immediate response after submission of the form, the maximum time frame is 72 hours.
A processing charge and tourist levy have to be paid at this time. Before making the payment, ensure all the information entered is accurate and matches the information in your passport as well.
Incorrect information may lead to hassles like delay in getting approval. In worse cases, it may lead to rejection of your application for NZ ETA.

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Is it possible to save your application to finish or modify it later?

Typically, the applicants for NZ ETA complete the online application form at once, and it does not require a long time. However, occasionally, that may not be possible. You may have to check the passport and other documents to enter accurate data, and that may require time. The form gets saved as you start filling it up online. You can navigate to other sections in the website and then get back to the form also. However, keep in mind that the form stays saved for 30 mins approximately, and after that, unsaved data may be lost.

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When should I apply for an ETA?

You may theoretically apply for the NZ ETA 72 hours before boarding your flight or ship headed to New Zealand. The NZ ETA website says the approximate processing and approval time for applications is 72 hours. In most instances, the ETA applicants will get to know their application status within a few hours. However, as a precaution and to evade hassles, you should apply for NZ ETA a few more days before your departure date. Remember, even with a valid passport; the ETA remains the prerequisite document to let you board the ships or flights to New Zealand. Without it, you will not be able to travel to New Zealand, under the Visa waiver scheme.

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Can I apply for an ETA if I am not sure whether I will be travelling to NZ?

Yes, you can apply for the NZ ETA even if you do not have a concrete plan of travelling to New Zealand immediately. Once issued, the NZ ETA will be valid for 2 years. Within that period, you can travel using it to New Zealand several times. When you travel using the ETA, you will have to specify the details on destination and plans regarding your stay in New Zealand.

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Do I need an ETA for a connecting or onward flight through NZ? What happens if I am transiting through NZ?

Yes, the ETA is applicable even for those passengers who are using the airports or naval ports in New Zealand as a stopover for reaching any international destination other than New Zealand or changing flights.
The passengers of such connecting or international flights, transiting through New Zealand airports will also have to obtain an ETA.
This is mandatory even when they do not travel anywhere in the territory of New Zealand- regardless of their destination.
They will have to undergo the standard immigration and customs processing of New Zealand before they can resume their journey to the destination by boarding the next flight.
However, the citizens of Australia transiting through New Zealand will not need an ETA.

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Important NZ ETA Requirements

These are the mandatory minimum requirements to opt for the NZ ETA under the Visa Waiver Program of New Zealand government:

  • You can stay in New Zealand for 90 days max on each travel, max 180 days in combined travel during the calendar year.
  • The purpose of the visit can be varied:
    • tourism
    • vacation (holiday)
    • medical treatment
    • visit to friends or family
    • amateurish attendance to sports, musical or similar occasions or meetings. Remuneration for those attendances is not allowed.
    • attending or promoting social events hosted by service, brotherly, or like kind organizations
    • Attend meeting with business partners or explore business opportunities
    • Participating in an educational, business, scientific, career show, conference or symposium
    • Be present to short term coaching (weekly hours must be under 20. Remuneration is not allowed while in NZ with an eTA, except for reimbursement of expenses strictly related with your stay).
    • Work out an agreement
  • An ETA will allow a transit into New Zealand if the final destination is other than NZ.
  • You must have necessary documentation including a valid passport and flight tickets round trip for travelling to New Zealand or transit through it.
  • You have to be a citizen of a country covered by the NZ Government’s .

What you can’t do with a NZ eTA:

Below find examples of activities not allowed under the VWP. In those cases, it is needed a nonimmigrant visa in order to travel to New Zealand:

  • Seek permanent residence in the country
  • Seek a job or employment
  • Attending college or school, obtaining credit
  • Operate as foreign Journalist, radio reporter, film producer, or other media related professional

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What are the passport requirements for travelling with NZ ETA?

VWP country citizens detailed passport requirements for applying for a NZ ETA will be fully known once the ETA goes into effect in October 2019.
Just having a valid ESTA is not enough anymore to enter NZ. The rule is applicable even for those people whose home countries are a part of the Visa Waiver Program. They will also need to have an electronic Passport (ePass) besides having a valid ESTA to enter NZ. Unlike traditional passport, ePass has access to all your biometric details like your personal details, fingerprints, biometric data etc. And all these sensitive biometric details are stored on a small chip. On 26 October, 2016, a new law was passed and it made it mandatory for all passports to have electronic chips included in them otherwise, the travelers might be denied entering the NZ soil.
The data that gets stored on this chip usually vary depending on which country you are coming from. If your country is a member of the flagship Visa Waiver Program, you’re the validity of your ePass need to have a validity of 6 months at least otherwise, you could be in trouble. The rules are quite different for German people though. People coming from Germany need to have an ePass and its validity must cover the entire duration of the travel.
However, in case, you are not sure about the validity requirements, you can always get in touch with NZ-Embassy or visit the official website of NZ-Embassy.

Exceptions for Passports without a chip:
There are some cases where you might be allowed to enter the US without having a passport with chip –

  • In case, your passport was issued before October, 26 2006 and it has a machine-readable, you will be allowed to enter the US.
  • Your passport has a digital photograph of yours and it was issued somewhere between October, 26 2005 and October, 25 2006.

However, if your passport does not have any chip in it, you can’t use ESTA rather you will have to apply for a regular Visa to stay in the United States.
Residents of the VWP countries will need to have passports with at least 3 months validity post their date of departure.
Those having ordinary biometric passports and electronic passports (above 12 years) may avail the New Zealand Customs eGate service.
This lets those persons clear the NZ Customs and Immigration checks quicker.

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What are the New Zealand Entry requirements?

While the NZ ETA lets a resident of any of the VWP countries travel to New Zealand without a visa, the entry is not guaranteed by it alone.
The immigration and customs agent will check the authenticity of all documents, including the ETA and Passport, to begin with.
The data on personal details in the ETA should match that in the passport.
They may check the travel documents if they feel necessary in some cases.
The ports and airports in New Zealand have stringent biosecurity procedures in place. Residents of VWP nations arriving with ETA will also be subjected to these screenings upon arrival.
If there is any mismatch in data between the passport and the ETA, the candidates may be denied entry and sent back to the destination country.

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What are the computer requirements to submit an NZ ETA application?

You will be able to submit the online application for obtaining the NZ ETA with a computer with basic configuration.
Any desktop or laptop PC of the present generation will suffice for the need.
Also, a normal internet connection is sufficient to complete the online application process.
You will have to ensure:

  • You have updated version of a web browser supporting 128-bit encryption technology. This is now available in most web browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Ensure the web browser installed in your PC is set to accept cookies, and it is Javascript enabled.
  • The browser should be updated to the latest version to evade any hassle.

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What to do if the ETA is not granted?

The majority of applicants from the VWP countries will be cleared for ETA without hassles.
However, a section of applicants may not be as lucky.
If you see your NZ ETA application is denied, do not feel down. It only means the ETA permit cannot be issued to you.
However, you can still apply for regular NZ Visas.
You have to check out the near most NZ embassy to figure out which type of NZ visas that you are eligible for.

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How to submit the NZ ETA form and travel to the NZ without a visa

The citizens of the VWP nations can submit their NZ travel authorisation request using NZ ETA. This will help them evade the delays and screening associated with traditional visas obtained through the embassies. The main advantage of ETA is the application is online, and the response is almost instant.

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The procedure for applying for the NZ ETA

To apply for the ETA, applicants need to have a valid passport and a credit card. The payment in fact can be done using a credit or debit card. It is also necessary to provide valid email id. If you lack an email id, you could create one before you apply for the NZ ETA, or using one of somebody close to you (relative or friend)
The online NZ ETA application form is easy to fill up, and it does not take a long time either. The applicants have to pay a processing charge for applying along with International Visitor Conservation and Tourism Levy or IVL.
To evade hassles, the applicants must ensure they enter correct data in each of the fields in the NZ ETA online form. The inaccuracy of data may lead to delay and even denial of ETA. So, the applicants must check the data after entering and before making the payment online.
Entering incorrect information can lead to unnecessary delay and even cancellation of the application.
The eligible applicants for the NZ ETA will have to fill up the online form which contains several sections with correct data. The data has to be entered under sections like:

  • First and last name
  • Address
  • Passport data
  • Date of Birth
  • Contact information (phone, email)
  • Declarations on travel and crime record
  • Optional biometric information

Most such ETA applications get processed and approved quickly. The maximum possible assessment time is 72 hours.

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When you need to apply for a New Zealand Visa and not the ETA:

  • Work – If you are going to work in a company in New Zealand and you will be staying there for that job for the long term, at least over 3 months, you will need a Visa. In this case, an NZ work visa is required.
  • Educational needs – Students hailing from foreign countries seeking admission in New Zealand universities or institutes for long term courses (over 3 months) will need to apply for the study visa.
  • Business – If you want to travel to New Zealand for business needs, including investment or to collaborate with other companies, and your stay will exceed 3 months, you will need a business visa. There are some types of business visas to pick from, based on your needs.
  • Immigration – If you want to immigrate to New Zealand and stay with family members there, you will need a residence visa. If you’re going to marry an NZ citizen and get settled in the country, then you need a residence visa as well. There are several types of NZ residence visas to choose from.
  • Duration of stay – If you plan to stay in New Zealand for over 90 days, a Visa is what you need. For a trip covering less than 90 days, the NZ ETA is fine.

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Possible responses to your NZ ETA application

Foreign nationals from VWP countries can easily get NZ ETA visa approval. All they have to do is to apply online for NZ ETA and the application might get processed and approved in a matter of few minutes or in some cases, it might take few hours. However, there are some exceptions where the application might not get approved by the authority.
If your application does not get approved immediately, it clearly indicates that the authority might have found some abnormalities or discrepancies in the application. All ETA applications get screened by the authorities and if they come across things like past criminal records or serious medical issues, then you will see a pending status against your ETA application.
Upon further review, if the authority finds something wrong with your application, your application might get rejected. Whatever the reason behind the rejection, you will be intimated by email. You just have to make sure that you have entered a valid email id while applying for ETA and you will get all the details delivered to your email id.
Even in some extreme cases, your ETA application gets rejected, it does not mean that you can’t travel to NZ. You can still apply for NZ visa via regular process.

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How can a traveller find out the reason why a travel authorisation was denied?

An application can be turned down for some serious reasons. These include the health condition of the applicant or any medical issue he/she has, his/her financial status, any criminal record, etc. More details will become available once the NZ ETA is started in July 2019, and become operational in October 2019.

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If a traveller was denied approval and needs to travel immediately, is it possible to get an emergency visa appointment at an NZ Embassy to review his/her case?

The NZ High Commission serves as an overseas post under the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade. It oversees and manages economic, political and trade relations with countries like Ireland and the United Kingdom. In specific cases, it offers assistance to foreign nationals visiting New Zealand. This is applicable in case of emergencies and urgent situations. However, the High Commission may not be able to assist the foreign nationals in all such situations, more so in financial problem-related cases.
However, the applicants who are denied approval for an ETA can still get in touch with the embassy and NZ High Commission in urgent situations. These include situations like critical medical illness and treatment, accidents, job-related issues pertaining to New Zealand, etc. The Embassy can offer assistance and guidance in acquiring funds or getting legal assistance in these matters. It may be possible to get assistance from it for visa on short notice, but there is no certainty or fixed procedure for the same. As it is, Visa issuance is still not online and does take some time, compared to the ETA.
If your travel purpose is tourism, business or transit, on a eTA denial you most likely have to change or cancel your flight to New Zealand until a visa is obtained.

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Should a traveller who is not authorized for travel through NZ ETA, reapply?

If an applicant has been denied NZ ETA, it means he or she does not fulfil any of the major conditions for getting the approval. So, reapplying for the NZ ETA simply does not make sense, and the new application will also be rejected. Such an applicant, however, can contact the NZ Embassy in his/her country and check out the prospects of getting an NZ Visa.

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An ETA doesn’t guarantee entry into NZ

A valid and approved ETA lets you travel to New Zealand without requiring a Visa. However, the government’s customs and immigration department carries out screening and assessment for those travelling to the country.
After arriving at an airport of New Zealand or naval port, the foreign nationals with valid ETA or Visa have to clear the necessary immigration and customs checking. The concerned personnel will review the documents of the foreign national at the checkpoint. If they clear the screening, the foreign nationals will be allowed entry into New Zealand. The same norm is applicable for international flights making a stop at an NZ airport. The passengers from such flights need to undergo necessary immigration and customs checking protocols.
If a person with valid ETA if deemed risky by the immigration department, may not be allowed to enter New Zealand.

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How to avoid problems at the port of entry?

At the port of entry to New Zealand, the customs and immigration team will check the documents of foreign nationals and those having an ETA are no exceptions to this mandatory screening procedure. They can determine safety and eligibility of a person with an ETA entering New Zealand- for whatever purposes.
It is, therefore, necessary for those travelling to New Zealand with an ETA to keep all necessary documents in place. The documents that demonstrate your credentials in your country of origin may be useful in establishing your authenticity and safety for entry into New Zealand, under the VWP. Documents pertaining to identity (government accredited id proof), professional documents, and proof of income come in handy in this assessment stage.
The documents that may help in establishing your credibility include:

  • A birth certificate
  • Work contract or pay slip
  • Investments, savings
  • Proof of business ownership
  • The last income declaration
  • Mortgages

If you are using the NZ ETA for travelling in New Zealand, proof of future travel plans like flight tickets, train tickets, and accommodation booking proof can come in handy too.

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Specific documentation to include with the NZ ETA

You will need the passport to apply for the NZ ETA. However, later you will also need some other documents related to travelling New Zealand. These include the return flight tickets, accommodation booking, sufficient funds. At the airport checkpoint, these documents could be assessed by the customs department.

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Restricted Import Items

There are some items that are deemed as restricted import products. This means foreign nationals can bring them when travelling to New Zealand. However, they must either have specific permission to bring those products or declare them before entering the territory. These comprise of:

Weapons and ammunition
You can bring weapons like air gun to New Zealand, but it is necessary to obtain an NZ Police permit for these.

Automobiles and vehicles
Tourists visiting New Zealand can bring cars duty-free as long as they take the vehicles back when they return. If you have CPD or Carnet de Passages en Douane, paying charge is not necessary. Otherwise, you have to pay customs duty and associated charges. This is the process for Visa holding travellers, and actual norm for ETA holder is yet to be declared by the government.

Radio transmitters and specific telecommunications equipment
The travellers to New Zealand may not be allowed to bring specific Radio transmitter-based devices as those can interfere with TV and radio broadcasts. Before bringing in any such items, you have to ensure they adhere to the NZ technical standards defined by the Radio Spectrum Management:

  • Dog-tracking devices
  • Cordless phones
  • Radio transmitters
  • Baby monitor
  • Mobile phones

You are allowed to bring prescription medications to New Zealand. However, you have to produce a valid doctor’s prescription for the drugs to obtain clearance at the customs. There are limits on how much medications you can bring for a time-limited tour. The drugs must be kept in the original pharmacy container, and the maximum limit is up to 3 months. The NZ Medicines Act 1981 is what the travellers can refer to for learning the details.

Marine animals
There are limitations on importing marine animals or their body parts into New Zealand, and the list covers species like whales, dolphins, seals, and porpoises. This is in effect as per the Marine Mammals Protection Act 1978.

Food and agricultural item
To preserve the biosecurity system and prevent the intrusion of new diseases and biohazards, the NZ government is particular about the import of agricultural item and foods. The travellers arriving in NZ must declare to the MPI (Ministry for Primary Industries) about:

  • Food of any type
  • Living or dead plants
  • Living or dead Animals and parts
  • Equipment used with animals
  • Biological specimens

There is a Biosecurity/Quarantine section in the Passenger arrival card where these declarations have to be made clear. Omitting or filling in incorrect information in this section will attract a fine of $400 and imprisonment for breaching the NZ biosecurity laws.

Children’s crayons, watercolour paints, and finger paints
There are limitations on what type of children’s watercolour paints, crayons (wax pastel ) can be brought into New Zealand. The EPA is the authority to decide what type of painting materials for kids can be imported. The norm is there to safeguard the kids from toxic elements like chromium, lead, mercury. Such stuff, if brought by a traveller, must adhere to the Graphic Materials Group Standard 2009.

Human ashes
The foreign nationals can bring human ashes to New Zealand, for cremation or last rites related purposes. However, they should carry a copy of the deceased person’s death certificate along with.

Alcohol and Tobacco
It is possible for foreign nationals to bring alcohol and tobacco into New Zealand, but there are limitations on the amount. They have to be above 17 years of age- to begin with. You can bring up to 4.5 litres of beer or wine or 3 bottles of spirits- duty-free. It has to be for personal usage only. Anything above that limit will attract charges.
You can bring in tobacco products worth 50 grams, or 50 grams of cigars or 50 cigarettes duty-free. A mix of the three is also permissible as long as the overall amount is within 50 grams. Anything exceeding this limit will attract additional charges for import. Chewing tobacco products cannot be imported for sale at all.

If a foreign national brings cash exceeding NZ $10000 or the same amount in a foreign currency, he/she has to declare it by completing a Border Cash Repor.

Chemicals and hazardous wastes
There are restrictions on importing Hazardous substances to New Zealand, as per the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996. These include products like pesticides, glues, paints- no matter how they are packaged.
It is illegal to import Raw asbestos into New Zealand. Only approval from the Environmental Protection Authority can make it possible. Hazardous wastes like e-waste used automotive batteries cannot be imported unless allowed by the Environmental Protection Authority under exceptional circumstances.

There are some limitations on importing pets into New Zealand by foreign nationals. Cats and dogs are allowed, but some breeds of dogs are barred from entry. The cats and dogs hailing from any other country than Australia will have to spend around 10 days in quarantine before being allowed into NZ territory. The animals must land in Christchurch or Auckland first. You can bring horses and ornamental fish too.
Unless you have a professional pet exporter, it will be necessary to get the permit for the dog or cat you want to bring. A vet certificate has to be produced for the concerned animal. Apart from specific dog breeds, you can’t bring certain pet animals into New Zealand. These include ferrets, birds, snakes, rodents and reptiles.

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Arriving in New Zealand: Getting through the airport quickly

Every day thousands of foreign visitors visit New Zealand, through the various airports and naval ports. The same will be the case with those travelling to the country using the NZ ETA under VWP. If you are well prepared for the customs and immigration to check at the airport and port checkpoints, you will be able to undergo the security checkup and related procedures without hassles. Typically, the rush is more during the Christmas, New year and summer holiday period. Families travelling to New Zealand with children and plenty of luggage need to be especially careful. If you have pets and kids with you, looking after them and guiding them is something you will have to do.

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Undergoing the security screening

Like other foreign nationals arriving at New Zealand, the NZ ETA holders will have to undergo the security check. To ensure, you do not face delays and hassles, ensure you do the following:

  • Reach the checking zone in time
  • Keep the passport and other documents handy
  • Wear shoes that are easy to remove
  • Keep fewer things with you that may activate the metal detectors
  • If you have an infant, he/she should be with you for passing through a metal detector
  • Take the infant out of the stroller when required and refrain from asking anyone else to hold him/her.

In some cases, the customs officers may carry out a personal search for certain individuals if they suspect she or she is carrying something unlawfully. This is carried out in a separate room.
The inspection process includes checking stuff like baby strollers and chairs too.
The NZ migration and customs team decides the eligibility of foreign nationals including ETA holders of entry into New Zealand. They will return the passport and other documents post inspection.

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Arriving by sea

The customs checking and screening procedure for those arriving by sea route to New Zealand are similar to those arriving by flights. The only difference is occasionally the migratory inspections can be done on the ship before the passengers are allowed to disembark.

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